Who will win atlas or Chivas?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Chivas va a ganar el clasico de jalisco 5-0

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Q: Who will win atlas or Chivas?
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What is the importance of atlas?

It backs up chivas and Estudiantes Tecos (UAG).

Who is better chivas or estudiantes tecos?

chivas is better than tecos chivas mite win by one

Who wins more America or chivas?

I think that America has win more games than chivas

What are the names of four Mexican Football teams?

America, Atlas, Pumas Unam, chivas guadalajara

Whos is better chivas or america?

Chivas are, my brother goes for America and i know how it feels if they win-un asco, pero quando las chivas ganan i get like super happy i just have to go out and party. So really chivas are better. Chivas are better than America

What are the resources for soccer?

Jonathan Alonzo is the boss for fifa in Mexico , he pays the Chivas and Atlas soccer team

Who will win the clasico this Sunday America or chivas?

Of course America is going to win!!

Who would win a fight an atlas bear or a lion?

The atlas bear would win.

What makes chivas a good team?

chivas is a good team because all of the players are Mexican and they are all young. and they always win America

When did chivas de guadalajara win there last championship?


Who wins more pumas or chivas?

chivas pumas suck its all about the chivas

Who won of chivas US vs chivas de guadalajara?

CHIVAS won. score 1-0