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i say giants bc they have better offens and have the most sacks in NFL

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Chicago Bears for sure.

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Q: Who will win Chicago Bears or the Buffalo Bills?
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What was the preseason win loss for Chicago Bears 1985?

1-3 only preseason win came against buffalo

Is Buffalo Bills going to win this week?

no no they will not they will win

What is the 2012 win lose status for Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills are currently 4 and 7.

Will the Buffalo Bills win this Sunday?


Did the Buffalo Bills win any super bowls?


Who will win the 2025 super bowl?

The Buffalo Bills

Will the Chicago Bears win?

not only will the bears beat the packers but they will also win the superbowl. obviously

Who will win the 2015 Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills

Did the buffalo bills ever win a super ball?


When did the Chicago bears win the super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in 1985 (XX)

What is the Chicago Bears win percentage?

69 percent

Will Chicago Bears beat Atlanta Falcons?

yes,the bears will win 30 - 20