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Q: Who will win Aston villa or west ham?
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Who gone win Aston villa vs Bolton?


Who will win the carling cup manu or Aston villa?

Villa, any day

How many times has villa won the world cup?

Aston villa can only win the E.p.l and not the world cup.

Could Aston Villa win the FA Cup?

If they were ever good or if they ever will be, yeah.

Who would win in a fight west ham or charlton?

probably west ham.

Did Bob Chatt and Thomas Wilkes win Double medals with Aston Villa in 1896-97?


Who are the English teams to win the European cup?

Liverpool, Celtic, Man Utd, Notts Forest, Aston Villa

Who was manger when Aston villa won European cup what was the team who scored goal?

Aston Villa beat Bayern Munich 1-0 to win the European Cup. Peter Withe scored the winner. Tony Barton was the winning manager.

Who is the only Englishman to win the European cup with two English teams?

Jimmy Rimmer, for Manchester United and Aston Villa.

Can west ham win premier league now?


Will Aston villa win the premiership in the next ten years?

yes they will because of martin o neil and gareth barry and agbonglhor

Will Aston Villa win the premier league?

They will not for a few years at least as Chelsea, arsenal , Manchester united and Liverpool are to strong now.