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Q: Who will play in 2010 NFC championship game?
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Who did Dallas play in the NFC Championship game?

The Cowboys have won eight NFC Championship games.

Who did the Eagles play in the 2005 NFC championship game?

The Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27-10 in the 2005 NFC championship game.

What time will 2010 NFC championship game played?

Jan 1

When was NFC Championship Game created?

NFC Championship Game was created in 1971.

How many Vikings play at least one play in the NFC championship game?

About 70.

Could the packers host the 2010 NFC title game?

No, the winners of the AFC championship game plays the winner of the NFC championship game in the Super Bowl. Since both the Packers and Bears are in the NFC, they cannot meet in the Super Bowl.

Who did dallas play in the 1975 NFC championship game?

Los Angeles Rams.

If you win the NFC championship game where can you go?

if you win the championship game for the NFC, you go to the super bowl vs. the AFC champion

What was the first scoring play in the 1994 NFC Championship game?

The first scoring play in the NFC Championship game played January 23, 1994 between the Cowboys and the 49ers was a five yard TD run by Emmitt Smith. The Cowboys went on to win the game 38-21.

What year did the Minnesota Vikings win the AFC championship game?

Prior to the 2009 season when they will play the New Orleans Saints for the NFC Championship, that was the 2000 season when they played the New York Giants for the NFC Championship. The Giants won that game 41-0.

Will the Vikings win the 2010 Super Bowl?

No...they were beaten by the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Conference championship game.

Date of NFC championship game in 2009?

The NFC Championship Game is scheduled for January 18, 2009 with a 3:00 pm EST kickoff.