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Accrington Stanley - Finished 15th Last Season in League Two but will be bolstered by Terry Gornell after getting him permanately after his Loan spell from Tranmere Rovers. Jonathan Batesons move from Bradford following a successful trial period . But Accrington have only won 5 of their last 25 games and have not won any of their last 12 away games. I Expect Accrington Stanley to secure League status with a mid-table finish but no fireworks i expect Sean McConville to be Accrington's Top Scorer

Aldershot Town - Who Finished an impressive 6th Last Season Still Have Their Main Man Marvin Morgan who scored 16 goals last season and already 4 goals this season. Aldershot have been boosted by The Signings of Nothampton's Luke Guttridge aswell as John Halls from League 1 Side Brentford. Aswell as the Loan signing of an Exciting Teenager Called Marlon Jackson. I Expect Aldershot to once again push for a place in Leaue 1 after some good new signings. I Expect Marvin Morgan to be Top Scorer for Aldershot and One of the Leagues Top Scorers.

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Q: Who will get relagated from league 2?
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This question makes no sense. Please rephrase it.

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this being written in 8-1-11 , is likely to be West Ham,Wigan,Wolves or Birmingham.(CHELSEA ARE RUBBISH BY FAR)

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