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1. Blake Griffin 2.Ricky Rubio 3.Hasheen Thabeet 4.Jordan Hill 5.James Harden 6.Demar DeRozan 7.Bradon Jennings 8.Stephen curry 9.Earl Clark 10.Gerald Henderson i hope that helped u =]

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Q: Who will be the top ten NBA draft pics?
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How many where entered into the 2010 nba draft?

The top 60 people are in the draft.

Who was the shortest top draft pick NBA player?

It has to be Sebastian Telfair

Who were the top 3 draft picks for the 2004 nba draft?

3.Ben Gordon 2. Emeka Okafor 1.Dwight Howard

What round is Klay Thompson supposed to be taken in the nba draft?

1st for SURE... but in the top 15 picks.

What is the salary of a top ten nfl draft pick?

The goal of many college football players is be drafted in the NFL. If a player is able to become a top ten draft pick they can expect to make approximately 10 million dollars.

Who are the top 5 NBA draft picks for 2013?

Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Anthony Bennett and Trey Burke are ranked 1 to 5 respectively for the NBA draft picks of 2013. They are all over 6 feet tall.

Who were the top three draft picks for the 2004 NBA draft?

1. Dwight Howard by the Orlando Magic 2. Emeka Okafor by the Charlotte Bobcats 3. Ben Gordon by the Chicago Bulls

Top ten NBA players in the NBA for the 07-08 season?

The top 10 for that season would include:LeBron JamesKobe BryantSteve NashTim DuncanKevin GarnettDwight HowardChris PaulDeron WilliamsDirk NowitzkiDwyane Wade

Who were the top picks of the 2008 NBA draft?

Derrick Rose was taken at No.1 by the CHicago Bulls and Michael Beasley was taken No.2 by the Miami Heat.

Why did Chris Bosh leave Georgia Tech early?

Chris Bosh left Georgia Tech after his Freshman season because he was predicted to be one of the top draft picks in the NBA Draft. he was selected 4th overall by the Toronto Raptors.

Who are the top ten NBA teams?

Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, Suns, Spurs, Magic, Mavs, Jazz, Bulls, and New Orleans

What you will need to get on the NBA?

What you need to get to the National Basketball Association [aka, NBA]? You will need to work hard by trying to make every basket you shoot, try to set good pics [blocks], study the playbook every chance you got [If you have one], and practice, practice, practice. You will HAVE to believe in yourself to be able to step into a game-situation and have a chance to win it for your team. If you do these steps plus more [go to, you will have a great chance to get to a good basketball college [Duke, Uconn, etc.], and that will set you up to be a top 1st-round pick in the NBA Draft. Hope this could help!