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Three people are in the air right now. When Vince retires, Either Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, or Paul Levesque (Triple H) will be taking over. He announced this at a WWE stockholder meeting. It is also to be noted, Vince previously stated that not one person can presume all his responsibilities he is taken on over the years.

The three "to be successors" are each being groomed for their respective roles, With Stephanie in charge of much of the entertainment, which is greatly expanding the company beyond just Sports Entertainment(Wrestling). This includes their movie and music subsidiaries known as "WWE Films" (Est 2002 and has since produced eight films while co-producing another four, including the remake of "Walking Tall" and the "Scorpion King" as well as produced "No Holds

"barred" in the 80's under a different banner) as well as "WWE Music Group" (formerly known as "WWE Records" it is manufactured and co-marketed by Columbia Records and distributed by Sony-BMG.)

Her current husband (Jean) Paul Levesque (AKA Hunter Hurst Helmsly AKA Triple H) is seemingly being groomed as a future "head Booker". He is currently an active wrestler/Booker, something that hasn't always worked out great in the business. Although I'm sure there is a pre-nuptial clause in the marriage contract and his role is all subject to change. Mr Levesque is to be the future head of all backstage politics, he has to much influence on as it is as reported by other wrestlers.

This leaves Shane to take controll of the more financial aspect of the company. This is likely the most importent job for the future of the company and it's stock holders. Being the 4th male McMahon (Stephanie is no longer a McMahon but a McMahon-Levesque) and first in line for the thrown to be trusted to keep the company making money and possiibly do what his father did a completely change the company and make it from a north-east American opperation to an internation company seen in dozens of countries. Will Shane play his cards right and possibly take over the Japanese and Mexican market(which the smackdown brand very popular with Latino's)

It has been recently rumored that Stephanie and Shane play against each other for control of the company, but this is only to be a rumor at the moment.

look back at the first episode of Nitro or Raw and compare it to TNA, they're a quikly rising company, not only making money but paying back their lowns faster then expected. Who ever Vince picks they will likely face somthing simmilar to the "Monday Night Wars" and the earlier terrioratorial expansion taking appart the old NWA and AWA as well as other Wrestling company's spread all over the world that vince eventualy constalated under the WWE Umbrella, NWA is still independent, but vince owns all their footage and footage of any organization under the old NWA umbrella up until the early years of the 21st century.

"If the WWE stoped doing shows tomorow, they own almost every major recorded wrestling match in the past 60 years or so, they can continue to put out DVD's and make money of their On-Demand Wrestling Network WWE On-Demand as well as their other sucsusful sister company's " and still turn a profit bigger then most wrestling companies would dream to achieve. The NWA became WCW and vince bought all the footage for less the 1 million dollars. If TNA had the financial backing at the time to buy those trademarks, or even private invester to lease out, this could have been big trouble for WWE, but it didn't happen and Vince's purchase(which was a great deal considering all the trademarks he bought, the deal was pocket change that solidified WWE as the main wrestling company for atleast the next decade to come)

Vince has many titles in the company( I belive he's been CEO, Chairman, his wife CFO) so I'd say shain will probly be CEO and possibly his wife Marrisa McMahon will be CFO, Stephanie will likely keep her current role, whatever it is (head of entertainment and creativity along with co-owner) and her husband would be Head Booker Co-Owner. Or they could hire a whole new CEO and have many people sitting on the board including his children, children in law and long time loyals. running a company much bigger then vince Sr imagined it could ever get, and the potential VInce always saw.

AnswerSince The WWF/WWE days it has turned into 3 separate brands and vince may also be grooming people like Eric Bishoff and Paul Haymen and more importently the loyalist who have stayed with him threw thick and thin, dennied more money from WCW to stick with him.

I think Smackdown and ECW will be booked by people being screened, looking for the best and hardest working to work along with the other 3 affter his retierment.

I think if TNA tries to start a new monday night war they will assosiate TNA as a ECW callibur minor league company.

And.....what the guy said above about multiple people taking over is true, terry Taylor , dusty roads, ted dibiasee , Jim Ross,

there will be a tallent scout department, pretty much a deparment for everything. I think vince in taking less and less controll of the whole and focusing on raw and seeing how people can handle witout him now.

on another hand, vince bought the WWF from his dad, will he just give it to his kids?lets say Shane and Steph each buy 70% of whats left of the company each(20percent is public) and then HHH where to start privitly buying some of that twenty percent as well as investing the money in the other 10% there is left, buying it with steph, then steph would own 45%(the controlling interest) and Shane owns only 35%, and stock could have easily have been bought from that 20percent when the shair was at its low a few years ago.

If this where to happen i supose the public will become the swing vote, with all the suprise in wrestling gone.

Also HHH could have smackdown. Stephine could have raw, and Shane could have ECW

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Q: Who will be the next WWE chairman?
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Who is the chairman of WWE?

Vince McMahon is the chairman of the WWE.

Is mr mcman the real chairman of WWE?

yes he is the chairman of the company of the WWE

Can anyone in the world buy the WWE and become the chairman of the WWE?

well it depends on how much wwe costs and yes they will become chairman

Which wrestlers are in the WWE roster?

The WWE's roster consists of the WWE Chairman and the head of the Creative Department. Vince McMahon is the WWE Chairman and Stephanie McMahon is the head of the Creative Department.

Who is currently the chairman and the majority owner of the WWE?

Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the chairman and majority owner of the WWE.

What is a WWE chairman?

The chairman is the boss, the big dog in the buisseness, he tells you what to do and you do it no questions asked, vince mc.mahon is the best known chairman in sports entertainment, as he owns a billion dollar industry, WWE.

Who is Vince and where is he at?

He works in the WWE and is the Chairman of it too.

Is wwe chairman vince mcmhan dead?


Who is the new chairman of the WWE?

Triple h

Who is WWE president?

Chairman and CEO of WWE is Vincent Kennedy McMahon

When will e3 show WWE 12?

wwe is going to fire mr McMahon and randy ortons gonna be the chairman of the wwe

How do you contact the chairman of WWE?

You have to find the adress to the wwe headquartrs located in coneticut. That is where vince works.

Who Is Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon is the chairman of the WWE.

How do you become the chairman for Monday Night Raw?

You must first own WWE in order to become the chairman

Who owns WWE?

Vincent K. McMahon is WWE's co-founder. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and the board of directors of our predecessor entities since 1980. He is Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Is WWE mr macmahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead. He is still alive and still the chairman of WWE.

What is vince McMahon do for liven?

He owns WWE and is Chairman of the board

Who Is The Chairman Of The WWE?

The current chairman of the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) is Vince McMahon but either Triple h, Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon could be taking over if Vince retires

Who was WWE chairman after tripple h?

Triple H was not the chairman of the WWE. Vince McMahon has always been the chairman of the WWE. On Screen, Triple H was the COO of the WWE and the General Manager of RAW. As part of a storyline, the wrestlers revolted against Trip being in-charge and John Laurinitis took over as GM. As of now Trip is the storyline COO of WWE and an occasional wrestler. In real life, he is the head of Talent Relations in the WWE and is in-charge of identifying new talent and grooming existing stars.

Now that nxt got contracts to wwe and they jumped the chairman what will happen next?

Hopefully the Raw GM will put out a hit on their heads and the Viper Randy Orton will take the out!

Who is the chairman of WWE 2012?

Vince McMahon, the only one that can fire Vince is Vince himself. He is the owner and chairman of the Board

Is sable WWE chairman vince McMahon girlfriend?

nah, she ain't

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Yes he is

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A public fan email address for the chairman of the WWE is not known at this time. WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.

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