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Q: Who will be promoted to the premier league next year?
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Which 3 teams are promoted this year to premier league?

Wolves Burnley Birmingham

How many teams have been promoted into the premier league?

Each year three teams are promoted and the last three are demoted.

Did Norwich City Football Club get promoted?

Yes, Norwich City FC got promoted to the Barclays Premier League this year (2011).

When will the 2013-2014 premier league football season start?

next year in august

Will man city win the premier league?

No not in this season or even next year is doubtful.

What two Premier League football teams have been relegated and promoted back into the premier league the following year twice?

Sunderland and Bolton nottingham forest have also done it.Went down in 93,back up in 94,went down again in 97 and promoted in 98.

Is there an English Premier League champion this year?

There is an English Premier League Championn every year.

What 3 teams have been promoted to the premier league and not been relegated?

If you mean in the same year, then Bolton, Blackburn and Fulham were all promoted in 2001 and all have not been relegated since (as of 2011)

Can you make sentence using the word premier?

Darlington FC beat their nearest rivals to secure a place in next year's premier league.

Will Chelsea feature in the next season champions league and how?

Yes, Chelsea will feature in the next year's edition of the Champions League. This is because they finished in the Top 3 of the Premier League and were eligible to qualify.

When was the last time all 3 newly promoted teams survived their first season in the Barclay's premier league?

Fulham, Blackburn and Bolton, got promoted in the season 2000/01 and did not get relegated again the year after.

What year did Manchester United enter the English Premier League?

They first came into the old First Division in 1892. The last time they were promoted to the First Division was in 1975. The First Division became the Premier League in 1992 and they have been ever present since.

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