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Syracuse will be number 1

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Q: Who will be number one in college basketball this week?
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Who is number one in mens college basketball team?


Who is the number one 2013 ranked college basketball player?

Andrew wiggins!

Which college basketball teams has been number one the most?

University of Kentucky

What is the average number of three pointers made in one college basketball game?

about 8 ghk09;)

What team is ranked number one NCAA men's basketball?

In the NCAA men's college basketball rankings, Duke University is ranked first.

Where can college basketball lines be viewed?

College basketball lines can be viewed by going on the college website. From there, you can find the basketball teams and bet which one will be the champion.

Has a preseason number one team ever stayed number one and won the national championship in div. 1 mens college basketball?


What year did all four number one seeds make it to the final four in college basketball?


What number is one and fifteen zeros?

In college basketball, this is a trillion. In the real world, this, 1,000,000,000,000,000 is a quadrillion or one thousand billion

How many times has a college basketball team beat the same number one ranked team in the same season?


Is dayton good at basketball?

The Dayton Flyers men's basketball team is a college basketball program. Dayton is one of the top-50 all time winningest Division I college basketball programs.

Do you need a degree to be a professional basketball player?

Yes, you only need one year of college to be a basketball player. You have to play college basketball before, playing professionally. :)