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Bela and Martha Karolyi

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Q: Who where the most famous gymnastics coaches?
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What is the most famous gymnastics move?


Who are the most famous soccer coaches?

Franz Beckenbauer

What sport is Elizabeth Tweddle most famous for?


How is bela karolyi famous?

Bela Karolyi is one of, if not the best gymnastics coaches ever. He is most well known for training Nadia Comaneci, the first gymnast to ever receive a perfect 10 in the Olympics.

Who are the greatest people behind gymnastics?

Arguably the greatest people behind gymnastics are the coaches and assistant coaches, many of whom are volunteers, who support the sport at grass-roots level.

Who is adolf spies?

adolf spies is most famous in gymnastics

How does gymnastics form good posture?

In floor especially, you have to have good posture or the judges will take deductions. also, when you start out gymnastics most coaches will tell you to improve your posture. Hope this helps

What is found on the British Gymnastics website?

There is a lot of information on the British Gymnastics website. The British Gymnastics website is dedicated to the sport of gymnastics that shows news, events, video,and information for coaches.

Is Romania famous for gymnastics?

Yes, Romania is very famous for gymnastics; Romania has a long tradition in gymnastics.

What is the highest salary for a gymnastics coach?

Typically Gymnastic coaches get paid around 5,000 dollars a month . I have been a professional gymnastics coach...and it is NOT typical that these coaches make $5000 per month..that would be MAX

When is a good age to start gymnastics?

In Malaysia, coaches prefer students aged 5

Who are the involved in gymnastic?

there are lots of people who build the sport of gymnastics. there are the coaches, the judges and the gymnasts

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