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Hakeem Olajuan and Ralph Sampson

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Q: Who were twin towers for Houston rockets?
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The first twin towers of the NBA was Ralph Samson and who?

The first twin towers of the NBA were Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon. They played together for the Houston Rockets in the 1980s and were known for their height, skill, and dominance on the court.

In what United States city are the twin trapezoidal towers of penzoil?

Houston , Texas

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Whitney Houston.

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The twin towers were never rebuilt or renamed. They are still simpily called the twin towers.

Who are the tallest basketballers?

Currently, the tallest player is NBA player Yao Ming. He plays for the Houston Rockets, and towers at 7' 6".

Did Whitney Houston die in the twin towers plane crash?

no she died in a hotel. Because of drug overdose i think

What is bigger eifle tower or twin towers?

twin towers

When was Houston Rockets created?

Houston Rockets was created in 1967.

What do Houston rockets play?

the Houston rockets play basketball

Did Jan Rowny Work In The Twin Towers?

* he was a cleaner in the twin towers

How heigh are the twin towers?

the twin towers were 110 stories tall.

Who did the twin towers?

osama bin laden did and name the twin towers