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series 1 Daniel whiston with gaynor faye

series 2 melanie Lambert with kyran bracken

series 3 Matt evers with suzanne shaw

series 4 maria fillipov with ray Quinn

series 5 Daniel whiston with hayley tammadon

series 6 still competing i want sam and brianne

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Q: Who were the winning professional skaters of dancing on ice?
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Who will win Dancing on Ice 2011?

i think Laura and colin will win because they are amazing ice skaters

What has the author Dorothy Hamill written?

Dorothy Hamill has written: 'Dorothy Hamill on and off the ice' -- subject(s): Biography, Figure skaters, Ice skaters, Juvenile literature, Women figure skaters, Skaters

Do ice skaters get trophies?

No... they get gold metals

How tall was Peggy Schuyler?

she about 6.2 feet tall thank you Barely 5' 2"; said she was 5'4" to face easier competition in the run ups. There are no tall female figure skaters of note. The center of gravity must be low for the jumps.......tall skaters can do speed skating, and ice dancing. They remain an insult to the ice trying to figure skate.

Where do figure skaters train?

Figure Skaters train at an ice rink to practise their technique based on which level they are on.

Why isn't Karen Barber a judge on dancing on ice anymore?

The reason Karen was moved off the panel was to free her up to spend more time with the skaters, giving them expert tips and tuition.

What is the aim of dancing on ice?

The aim of Dancing On Ice is for Torvill and Dean to teach celebrities who are ice skating novices how to ice skate. Some are always better than others but a lot of the celebrities who have done the show have continued to ice skate. Kyran Bracken (from Series 2) has gone on to become a professional ice skater.

What is the average speed of a professional hockey player on the ice?

20+ miles an hour. Speed skaters can reach speeds up to 30+ miles an hour.

Why were the roller skates invented?

to get from place to place when there wasn't ice... they complimented ice skaters

What allows ice-skaters to glide smoothly over the ice?

The zamboni which is a contraption that makes the ice smooth

Is Dancing On Ice on in May?

Dancing on ice started in January

Why is Michelle?

she is famous because her ice skating was the most beautiful of all the other ice skaters.