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Were the starting quarterbacks in superbowl 1; Nameth & Unitis

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Q: Who were the two starting quarterback in Super Bowl 1?
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How many Super Bowl rings does Steve Young have as a starting quarterback?


Who were the quarterbacks for the first two New York Giants Super Bowl wins?

In Super Bowl XXI, Phil Simms was the New York Giants quarterback and in Super Bowl XXV, Jeff Hostetler was the starting quarterback.

Has any NFL quarterback ever won super bowl for more than one team?

No quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl for two different teams. The only starting quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl on different teams was Craig Morton. He was the starting qb for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

Has a starting quarterback won the super bowl with two different teams?

No.. Never happen... till now.

Who was the number two quarterback in the 1980 Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Mike Kruczek was the backup quarterback for the Steelers in Super Bowl XIV.

Did Mark Rypien win a Super Bowl?

Yes, he did. Mark Rypien won two championships playing for the Washington Redskins. He was the starting quarterback in Super Bowl XXVI and he also won as a backup in Super Bowl XXII.

Who was the last Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback to win a Super Bowl besides Ben Roethlisberger?

Through Super Bowl XLV, Terry Bradshaw was the starting QB for four Super Bowl wins (IX, X, XIII, XIV) and Ben Roethlisberger was the starting QB for two Super Bowl wins (XL, XLIII).

Who was the first quarterback to score two rushing touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

Jim McMahon in Super Bowl XX.

What quarterback in his first two season won a Super Bowl?

what quarterback in his first two seasons won a superbowl

Who was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for most of the 1970S?

Roger Staubach played 125 games at quarterback for the Cowboys during the 1970s and led them to two Super Bowl victories.

How many quarterback have two or more super bowl rings?


What is Terry Bradshaw famous for?

Terry Bradshaw is famous for being a four-time Super Bowl champion. He is also a two-time Super Bowl MVP, winning the awards as the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.