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Q: Who were the ten greatest basketball players ever?
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Which sport has ten players on each term?


How many players are required to play basketball?

Each team has five players on the floor (total of ten players).

How many players would you find on a court during a regular game in basketball?

During a regular game of basketball, you will find ten players on the basketball court at one time (five per team).

Man u top ten highest paid player?

The top ten highest paid payers are football players and basketball players. They both get paid millions.

How many people compete in the basketball Olympics 2012?

Five players per side...two teams equal ten players

Which game is played with 5 players on either side?

Basketball is a game that has ten players on the court with five players being on either team. In organized basketball, teams will have more than five players but only five players on that team can be on the court at one time.

What is the minimal amount of players needed to play basketball?

five on each team for a total of ten

How many players are on a basketball team on the floor?

Each team has five players on the court at one time. This means that there is always a total of ten players on the court.

Why do basketball players get paid so much?

basketball players are rich. im only 10. my dad only makes 50,000 a year. i feel bad. basketball players get 20 million

How many players start in basketball?

Five players so a total of ten on the court, five on one team and five on the other team.

Who are the top ten tallest college basketball players?

1. Yoa Ming from china 2. Shaqquile onneal

How many players would you find on a court during a regular game?

In basketball, ten (five from each team.)

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