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Richmond in 1991

Santa Clara in 1993

Coppin State in 1997

Hampton in 2001

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Q: Who were the teams seeded 15 that beat the teams seeded 2 in the NCAA tourney?
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What was date Princeton beat UCLA in the 1996 NCAA basketball tourney?

March 14, 1996

What is the lowest seeded team to ever beat a 1 seed in the ncaa tournament?

16 seed, beat duke last year

What western conference teams made it to the second round playoffs in the NBA?

In 2009, the 1 seeded LA Lakers (beat the 8 seeded Utah Jazz 4-1), the 5 seeded Houston Rockets (beat the 4 seeded Portland Trailblazers 4-2), the 6 seesed Dallas Mavericks (beat the 3 seeded San Antonio Spurs 4-1), and the 2 seeded Denver Nuggets (beat the 7 seeded New Orleans Hornets 4-1), all made it to the 2nd round.

Who did the gophers beat to get into the NCAA tournament in 2010?

about 18 or 20 teams.

When was the last consolation game in the NCAA tourney?

The final consolation game of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was held in 1981. Virginia beat LSU, 78-74.

What teams did Michigan state and North Carolina beat in the 2009 final four to reach the ncaa championship game?

Michigan state beat uconn and North Carolina beat villanova

How do you beat chapter 2 on Dragon quest iv chapters of the chosen?

Beat the tourney.

What is the earliest round for a 1 seed to go out in the NCAA basketball tournament?

The earliest round for a 1 seed to go out in the NCAA basketball tourney is in the first round. It happened in 2018 when the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (16th seed in the South) beat the University of Virginia (1st seed in the South) by a score of 74 - 54.

Which teams played in 1976 college basketball championship game?

Indiana beat Michigan, 86-68, in the 1976 NCAA Men's Championship game.

Who are the final 2 teams in ncaa March Madness 2013?


Who were the 2009 NCAA basketball champions?

Memphis beat Kansas in the 2009 NCAA Championship

What was the San Francisco Dons progression of teams they beat and scores in the 16 team NCAA tournament in 1955 and 1956?

In 1955 the Dons beat West Texas State, Utah, Oregon State, Colorado and LaSalle. In 1956, they beat UCLA, Utah, Southern Methodist U and Iowa.