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In Super Bowl XXI, Phil Simms was the New York Giants quarterback and in Super Bowl XXV, Jeff Hostetler was the starting quarterback.

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Q: Who were the quarterbacks for the first two New York Giants Super Bowl wins?
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Super Bowl 42 quarterbacks?

Eli Manning for the Giants and Tom Brady for the Patriots

Which 2 Super Bowl teams started 3 different quarterbacks?

Giants and Redskins

What was the first Super Bowl the giants won?

Super Bowl XXI.

Who was the quarterback in each Giants Super Bowl win?

The New York Giants have won four super bowls. The following quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl with the Giants: Super Bowl XXI - Phil Simms Super Bowl XXV - Jeff Hostetler Super Bowl XLII -Eli Manning Super Bowl XLVII - Eli Manning See the related link to read more.

Who was the quarterbacks for the giants when they won the Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the Giants have won three Super Bowls. Their starting QBs were: 1) Super Bowl XXI - Phil Simms 2) Super Bowl XXV - Jeff Hostetler 3) Super Bowl XLII - Eli Manning

Name the quarterbacks in the Giants Super Bowl wins?

Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler, Eli Manning.

Who were the starting quarterbacks in the first Super Bowl?

Len Dawson, chosen AFL Player of the Year in 1962, and Bart Starr, twice MVP for the Super Bowl, were the starting quarterbacks in the first.

How many super bowl quarterbacks wore number ten?

Only two starting quarterbacks have worn the No. 10 in Super Bowl competition:Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings (Super Bowls VIII, IX, XI).Eli Manning, New York Giants (Super Bowl XLII).

How many quarterbacks in the NFLwon a super bowl in their first year?


Do super bowl quarterbacks appear at pro bowl?


How many quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl in their second season?

Three quarterbacks have won the Superbowl in their second season in the NFL. The quarterbacks are:Kurt Warner, 1999 St Louis Rams - First NFL Season 1998, First Super Bowl in 1999, Super Bowl XXXIVTom Brady, 2001 New England Patriots - First NFL Season 2000, First Super Bowl in 2001, Super Bowl XXXVIBen Roethlisberger, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers - First NFL Season 2004, First Super Bowl in 2005, Super Bowl XLRussell Wilson, 2013 Seattle Seahawks - First NFL Season 2012, First Super Bowl in 2013, Super Bowl XLVIII

Name the redskin quarterbacks that have Super Bowl rings?

Washington Redskin Quarterbacks who have won Super Bowl Rings are:Joe Theismann - Super Bowl XVIIDoug Williams - Super Bowl XXIIMark Rypien - Super Bowl XXVI

How many second year quarterbacks have started and won the super bowl?

Three quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl.

What year did the NY Giants win their first NFL Super Bowl?

The New York Giants won their first Super Bowl championship in Super Bowl XXI on January 25, 1987. The Giants defeated the Broncos, 39-20.

Is there a list of all quarterbacks who have ever been in the Super Bowl?

Click on the 'Super Bowl Starting QBs' link on this page to see the quarterbacks who started for their team in the Super Bowl.

Who where the starting quarterbacks for the Bengals in the Super Bowl?

Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason were the starting quarterbacks for the Bengals Super Bowl games.

Who were the quarterbacks for the New York Giants Super Bowl wins?

Phil Simms, Jeff Hostetler, and Eli Manning (twice).

What quarterbacks never lost a Super Bowl that played in a Super Bowl?

Joe Montana

Who quarterbacked in the Super Bowl?

answers varies to various quarterbacks in super bowl history.

How many Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama university?

Three Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama. The quarterbacks are: * Bart Starr (Green Bay Packers) Super Bowl I & II * Joe Namath (New York Jets) Super Bowl III * Ken Stabler (Oakland Raiders) Super Bowl XI

Which domed stadium was the first to host a Super Bowl?


Who did the giants play in their first Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos.

Who called the first time out in Super bowl 46?


What are the four New York Giants quarterbacks to play in the super bowl with a another team?

Kerry Collins- North Caroline panthers

Who was the qb for super bowl XXXV?

The starting quarterbacks were Trent Dilfer of the Baltimore Ravens and Kerry Collins of the New York Giants.