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Q: Who were the qb's that backed up Bradshaw?
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Who backed up Terry Bradshaw from 1976-1979?

Mike Kruczek

Who was the black quarterback who backed up Terry Bradshaw in college?

tony dungy

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks that won Super Bowls?

There are only two Steelers QBs to win the Super Bowl - Terry Bradshaw (who did so 4 times) and Ben Roethlisberger (who won 2 times).

A car passed methen I backed up out of a space it was clear then she backed up into me Who is at fault?

the lady who backed into you, clearly she wasnt paying attention and backed into your car

What quarterback threw the most interceptions in an MVP-winning season?

For those QBs that won the Associated Press MVP award, that would be Terry Bradshaw of the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers who threw 20 INTs and was selected MVP.

Who backed up columbuson a voyage?

queen isabella backed up columbus's voyage

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What is a good height for a Quarterback?

Typically 6'2 and up, but there have been shorter Qbs ex Doug Flutie

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Where is the Bradshaw in Bradshaw located?

The address of the Bradshaw is: Main Street, Bradshaw, 24817 M

Who is Amy bradshaw?

Amy bradshaw is the girl that is "One Less Lonely Girl" video by Justin Bieber. If you dont know who he is,, looke it up.

Who did Terry Bradshaw back up in college?

At Louisiana Tech University, Terry Bradshaw was the starting quarterback in both his junior and senior seasons.