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well it would be cristian and edge

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Q: Who were the past WWE world heavyweight champions?
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Who is WWE world heavyweight champions?

As of November 2010,Kane

How many WWE champions have their been in the history of WWE?

There were... 40 WWWF United States Tag Team Champions 5 WWWF United States Champions 3 WWF North American Heavyweight Champions 6 WWF International Heavyweight Champions 11 WWF Junior Heavyweight Champions 18 International Tag Team Champions 1 WWF Canadian Champion 10 WWF Women's Tag Team Champions 6 WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Champions 1 Intercontinental Tag Team Champion 144 WCW World Tag Team Champions 77 WWF Light Heavyweight Champions 63 WCW World Heavyweight Champions 36 WWE European Chamopions 230 WWE Hardcore Champions 79 WWE Cruiserweight Champions 49 ECW World Heayweight Champions 176 World Tag Team Champions 59 WWE Women's Champions 5 Million Dollar Champions 112 and counting WWE Champions 127 and counting WWE United States Champions 132 and counting WWE Intercontinental Champions 48 and counting WWE World Heavyweight Champions 84 and counting WWE Tag Team Champions AND 15 and counting WWE Divas Champions There's about 1537 champions all-time (and counting!)

Which title is more prestigious WWE or World Heavyweight Championship?

The World Heavyweight ChampionshipWell, If your going by past holders youv'e got to say The World Heavyweight Championship. Ric Flair, The Rock, Triple H are all past champions. But if your going by Popularity and non-wrestling reasons you've got to gor for the WWE championship.

How WWE champions have john cena?

John Cena has 9 World Titles, (2 World Heavyweight Championships and 7 WWE Championships)

Who is the most times world heavywieght champion in WWE?

Edge is 7 time World Heavyweight Champion. That makes him the man who has won most World Heavyweight Champions.

Who holds what titles in the WWE?

wwe champion sheamus world heavyweight champion kane unified tag team champions hart dynasty

What belts will be in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

wwe title, world heavyweight title, intercontinental, u.s, ecw, hardcore, divas, womens title, champions of champions, cruiserweight, wwe tag team, world tag team,

How many time rock has got champions in WWE?

2 time World Heavyweight Champion7 time WWE Champion2 time Intercontinental Champion5 time WWE Tag Team Champion

Wwe championship or world heavyweight championship?

Mark Henry Is The World Heavyweight champion Alberto Delrio is wwe champion

Who is the WWE champion or Heavyweight champion?

WWE Champion:Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Champion:Randy Orton

Who is the 2012 world heavyweight champion WWE?

Big show is the world heavyweight champion

Is Champion of Champions same as Undisputed Champion in WWE Smackdown .vs. Raw 2010?

No, Champion of Champions was made up. The Undisputed Champion is the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship both held by the same person at the same time.

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