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Jim Taylor

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Q: Who were the pallbearers at Vince Lombardi's funeral?
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Is Michael lombardi vince lombardis nephew?

no he is his twin brother

Which football coach story was told in the movie Run to Daylight?

Vince lombardis

What is it call when someone carry you in your casket at a funeral?

Undertakers. Additional answer: pallbearers

What is the name of the guys that carry the casket in a funeral?

Pallbearers. They can be women also.

Was Gorgias born during preparation for his mothers funeral?

Yes, he was. He was discovered by her pallbearers.

Who were the pallbearers at Mrs Joe's funeral?

Pip, Joe, Biddy, Pumblechook, Mr and Mrs. Hubble.

Who were the six pallbearers at Mrs Joe's funeral?

Pip, Joe, Biddy, Pumblechook, Mr and Mrs. Hubble.

Where are the pallbearers placed in the procession of a Catholic funeral processional?

In our Catholic Church, the pallbearers stand on the side of the casket and carry it. The casket would be at the head of the procession with the mourners following it, and the priest bringing up the end.

Who can be selected as a pallbearer at a Catholic funeral?

The family selects the pallbearers. Usually it is family or close friends. Anyone can be selected to be a pallbearer.

Who were the pallbearers for Martin Luther King's funeral?

It's funny you should ask. Just the other day I was in the barber shop getting a hair cut. There was an older gentleman there engaged in some " barbershop talk" about racism and how it impacted certain aspect of life. He mentioned that he was a graduate of Morehouse College. and he was one of the Pallbearers at Martin Luther King Jr's' funeral service. He introduced himself as Glenn Taylor, and that two other pallbearers also had the last name of Taylor.

Who was lombardis wife?

Marie Lombardi

What actors and actresses appeared in After the Funeral - 2007?

The cast of After the Funeral - 2007 includes: Taylor Clearman Vince Tula