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kidderminster harriers

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Q: Who were the last non league football side to reach the fa cup quarter finals?
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How many time Liverpool football club has reach uefa champion league finals?

They have won it five times.

What is the first African country to reach the quarter finals of the world cup football in 1990?

Cameroon achieved that feat in 1990. They defeated Colombia 2-0 in the Round of 16, before losing to England in the quarter-finals in extra time.

Why should people support Ghana football team?

The Ghana football team are a good team, and they appeared for the quarter finals in the 2010 world cup,they became the third team from Africa to reach the quarter finals, the others were Cameroon 1990, Senegal 2002 and Ghana in 2010. and many players play their football in Europe.

What African team was the second to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup?


What African team was the first to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup?


How does FIFA select final 8?

Countries have to win and reach the quarter finals.

Who is the smallest nation to reach the FIFA World cup quarter Finals?

I think it is Croatia.

How many times did Argentina reach the fifa world cup quarter finals?

8 times.

What are the odds of Uruguay winning the World Cup?

Uruguay will not reach the quarter finals, but it will reach the group of 16.It will not win the world cup.

Who was the first africans to reach the 1990 world cup quarter finals?

The country was Cameroon, with the help of Roger Milla.

How far in the tournement will the last world cup winners Italy get?

They may reach the Quarter finals. They are a aging team.

What is the chance of Socceroos winning the Soccer world cup?

They may not win the final, but could reach the quarter finals.

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