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Mike Gatting (1986-87)

Mike Brearley(1978-79)

Ray Illingworth(1970-71)

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Mike Gatting was the last England captain to win the Ashes in Australia.
Mike gatting Mike gatting

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Q: Who were the last 3 English cricket captains to win the Ashes in Australia?
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What is the dispute about the cricket ashes urn?

a English cricketers ashes were taken to Australia

What teams are on ashes cricket 09?

Ashes is a legendary cricket series that is played between Australia and England. The series has a great history and great captains like Ian Botham, Alain Border etc have contributed to their sides victory in the Ashes tournament. England and Australia are the two teams in Ashes 09

In which sport does australia play for the 'ashes'?


Whose ashes are in the Ashes trophy?

They aren't the ashes of a person. The tradition is that it is the ashes of the bails from the wickets of the first Ashes test. The name came from a editorial of a newspaper saying (after an English defeat) that English cricket had died and the ashes sent to Australia.

What is story behind the cricket ashes?

The 'Ashes' are the ashes of the first bails used in the first cricket test between England and Australia.

How many times have New Zealand won the ashes?

New Zealand have never won the Ashes. This is a competition between Australia and England. The name came about after an Australian team beat an English team on English soil for the first time and an obituary was posted saying that English Cricket had died and that its ashes would be cremated and the ashes were taken to Australia. The next test series in Australia was noted as "England's quest to regain the Ashes"

What are cricket ashes?

it was in 1882 and Australia beat England in cricket the Australian team then burnt the bails (not the stumps or ball) to mark the first ever official game and to this day England and Australia compete for the ashes (that's why the wining team holds up an urn as there trophy)

The Australian and English cricket trophy?

The Ashes

What is the story behind ashes test series?

England lost a series against Australia back in the 1800s and a death notice ad appeared in a london newspaper signifying the death of English cricket and the ashes would be brought back to Australia. The writer of this notice had a small urn that contained a bail (small wooden piece above wickets) burned to ashes signifying the death of English cricket. Therefore the ashes was born and Australia has won the majority of the contests since- so English cricket really did die. Someone remind them to stop inventing sports they can't win!!

What is the name of the cricket contest between England and Australia?


Which cricket playing countries fight for the ASHES?

England and Australia

What prize does an English verses an Australian team get in cricket?

The prize that they receive is called the ashes which is a little urn filled with the ashes of stumps burned at the first game between Australia and England.