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Q: Who were the key Europeans allies of the patriots?
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Who where the European allies of the patriots?


Why did Spain become allies of the patriots?

They saw that France had allied with the patriots and knew that the Patriots had a chance of winning.

What were your allies during the Revolutionary War?

the patriots or the Americans took fort ticonderoga's cannons and won the revolutionary war so the patriots are our allies

Who where the patriots allies during the revolutionary war?

American Revolution

Who fought in the battle of Savannah?

The Battle of Savannah was fought between the British (and their allies, the Germans) and the Americans (Patriots) (and their allies, the French).

How did the allies help western europeans nations after the war?

what is the answers

Were the Europeans and the First NAtions friends or enemies?

not all First Nations were allies of the Europeans. ex. the beothuk were hunted down by the Europeans for bounty because they didn't want to have the Europeans on their land.

Was Thomas Jefferson responsible for helping the patriots gain foreign allies?

yes, yes he was

Reasons of first war world?

28 June 1914, archduke of austria, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. Austrians then declared war on the Serbians. allies came into battle and because of the vast expanse of the Europeans empire, most of the world joined in as allies to the europeans (triple entete), or as enemy to the europeans and allies. Dean =] 1994 Ner0

Were First Nations and Europeans allies?

The Hurons were allied with the French and the Iroquois were allied with the British

What did large size of Europeans armies make obvious?

to make the opposing allies scared of them .

What set backs did the patriots face in the West?

They had not managed to win over many Native American allies.