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The United States sent four athletes to compete in judo at the 1964 Games in Tokyo. They did not win any medals.

1) Paul Campbell in men's lightweight class.

2) Jim Bregman in men's middleweight class.

3) George Harris in men's heavyweight class.

4) Ben Campbell in men's open class.

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1976 U.S. Olympic Judo Team - (at Montreal, Canada)

Name Category Place

J. Bost under 60 Kg

Pat Burris under 70 Kg

Teimoc Johnston-Ono under 80 Kg

Tommy Martin under 93 Kg

Allen Coage over 93 Kg Bronze

Jim Wooley Open

Sachio Ashida Coach

Dennis Curasi Coaches Assistant

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Q: Who were the four men on the first us olympic judo team?
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