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Q: Who were the forty niners quarterbacks in 2010?
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What are the names of some past Forty niners quarterbacks?

Joe Montana, Steve Young, and many more.

What is the nickname for the forty-niners?


Who is the older the raiders or forty niners?


Why were the people who the gold rush called forty niners?

The forty-niners were called that because they were gold- seekers

What are the release dates for The Forty-Niners - 1932?

The Forty-Niners - 1932 was released on: USA: 28 October 1932

What did forty niners eat?

The forty-niners ate beans meat eggs and what ever else they could find.

Who were the forty -niners?

The forty-niners were the miners who went to search for gold in 1849 during the California Gold Rush

What was the name of the ship that the first forty niners arrived on?

The name of the ship that the first forty niners arrived on was california;]?NOW THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT

What was the Forty niners reason for going to the west?

Forty-niners were people who searched for gold in California therefore they wanted gold

What does the term of forty-niners refer to?

the term "fourty Niners" is associated with what event

What were the forty-niners looking for?


What is the forty niners religion?

It was a religion