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The first people to play organized Basketball were the students of Joe Naismith's physical education class.

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Q: Who were the first people to play organized basketball?
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Why people who play basketball grow taller?

They don't. They play basketball in the first place because they are tall

Did Obama play organized team basketball?


What did people play basketball with when it was first invented?


When did people start to play basketball?

The first game of basketball was played on December 21st, 1891.

How many basketball players are there in America?

It is estimated that there are over 40 thousand basketball players in organized leagues throughout America. This includes college and the NBA. In all, over 145 thousand people play basketball for leisure.

Do kids in Europe play organized sports?

i have lived in Europe Germany to be exact and yes they do play organized sports mostly basketball and soccer though hoped this helped.

Does Mexico people play basketball?

Yes, people in Mexico play basketball.

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

The first player to ever play NBA basketball?

There was not a first person to play NBA basketball ,ritard, basketball is played in teams.

Who is the first play basketball?

Basketball was first played at the YMCA.

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

Do people of Honduras like to play basketball?

Hondurans do not play basketball

How many people play basketball in America?

15.5 million people play basketball in America. Most of these play pick up games and a few play semi pro or professional basketball.

Are boys the first to play basketball?

Aren't boys always first to do things...yes they yes they were the first to play basketball.

Who was the first girl to play basketball?

Nancy Liebreman was the first women to play basketball and make it into the World Series!!!!!!!

How many people play basketball in the Philippines?

Surprisingly only 11% of people play basketball in the Philippines.

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???

Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

Where do basketball people play?

basketball courts

How many Americans play Basketball?

about 1000 billion people play basketball (:

Why do people play basketball?

People want to have fun so they play basketball? People play basketball because is a team sport,so playin withother people makes it more fun.There are also people that just love the game,they feel alive when they are playin. People play because they think its fun and rewarding. They also play cause they can meet new people when they go to camps and basketball games.

Can fat people play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball, it's a good exercise.

Is Basketball Popular?

the only people that play basketball, are people like arebu...

Who was the first basketball player?

James Naismith, who invented the game of basketball, was the first one to play the game. He demonstrated the rules he had developed for the game (as it was initially conceived by him) by tossing a basket ball (two words) into a peach basket, ten feet from the ground. Subsequent to that, he organized players on teams in Springfield, Massachusetts (where the first players and teams played the game).

Disadvantage of basketball?

The biggest disadvantage of basketball is that not everyone can play it. People who are blind or have poor motor skills cannot play basketball.