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Q: Who were the first officials of sporting events?
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What is the difference between the A and B sporting events?

The 'A' sporting events are a higher class than the 'B' sporting events. Sporting is a lot more competitive and there are more skilled competitors in the 'A'

Is sporting events a compound noun?

No, events is a noun, sporting in an adjective.

Football or other sporting events?

more likely foot ball

What sporting events were held at the first modern Olympics?

archery,basketball and muck more!!

Drugs used in major sporting events?

You shouldn't even be Taking drugs in Sporting events Dumba**.

What was the first sporting event where people had to pay?

The first sports events where people had to pay were the Games in the Coliseum in Rome,Italy.

How many sporting events are there in Olympics in 2012?

There are 302 events

Are there any sporting events or religious events?

Many thousands.

What did the winners of sports events get?

Does the winner of the Sporting events get a trophy

During Sporting Events that have different nations which National Anthem is played first?

I believe the visiting teams anthem is played first

When did ' The Wave' first start at sporting events?

History is fuzzy about that but according to, the first recorded wave was at a NHL game in 1980.

What sporting events are in August?