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the lubricant eagle of west India

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Q: Who were the first members of The Eagles?
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Who first recorded Desperado?

"Desperado" was written by Eagles band members Glenn Frey and Don Henley.

Are any of the Eagles original members dead?


Which members of the eagles went out on their own?

IfYou're Asking Which Eagles Members Went Solo, The Following Members Did: Don Henley, Glen Frey, Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, Timothy B. Schmidt, Don Felder. Joe Walsh Resumed His Solo Career After Eagles Disbanded. Walsh Was A Member Of The James Gang Prior To Establishing Solo Career. Joe Walsh Joined Eagles ( NOT THE EAGLES) In 1975.

What is the group name of eagles?

The collective noun for owls is a parliament of owls.

Who are the members of Eagles?

Don Felder Michael D Schmidt

Where do the eagles band members live?

no one knows ask his mom

Do the eagles attack each other in the odyssey?

No, they attack members of the crowd

What are the ages of the eagles band members?

they are all in their 60's

How many Philadelphia Eagles players are in the NFL hall of fame?

The answer is fourteen (14) former players that played for the Eagles at some point in their career are in the NFL Hall of fame, along with one (1) Eagles owner, and one (1) Eagles coach, for a total of sixteen (16) former members of the Eagles franchise in the NFL Hall of Fame. Of the 14 players, 7 were inducted into the Hall of Fame as Eagles. Of the 16 members, 9 were inducted into the Hall of Fame as Eagles. The answer is zero (0) for current Philadelphia Eagles players that are in the Hall of Fame. None of those have become eligible yet. Hopefully one of these is the answer to this deceptively simple looking question. These players and members can be found listed on the NFL Hall of Fame website at The players and members listed in bold are the ones inducted as Eagles. More information is available on the 14 players on the Eagles website at

Who are the team members of super eagles 94 squad?

Members of the 1994 Super Eagles included Skipper Stephen Keshi, George Finidi, Austin Jay Jay Okocha and Dan Amokachi. It was in 1994 that Nigeria reached the World Cup.

When was the eagles first Super Bowl?

The Eagles went to the Super Bowl in 1980 and 2004.

When was the first Philadelphia Eagles football game?

The first regular season game played by the Eagles was October 15, 1933 against the New York Giants. The Eagles lost 56-0.