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Q: Who were the first cosmologists of the world?
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Do cosmologists investigate how the world was formed?


Astronomers that study the origin of the universe?


What kind of scientist studies the universe?


Astronomers who study how the universe began?


What are scientists called who study the Universe?

Astronomers, physicists

Scientists who explain the origin and development of the universe are called?


What are scientists that are experts on A galaxy long ago and far away?


What type of scientist Study space?

Astronomers Cosmologists Astro physasists

Early philosophers were called cosmologists because they?

They studied the nature of the universe

When did the first galaxies and stars develop?

About 13-14 billion years ago. Cosmologists are not in agreement as to what happened the first few million or billion years, but most agree that the age of our Universe is about 15 billion years.

What is the name given to scientists who study the universe?

Scientists who study the universe are known as cosmologists.

Is helium metalic?

On Neptune and Uranus, cosmologists reported seeing liquid metallic helium.