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Q: Who were the dancers on Shakiras waka waka video?
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What is the colour of Shakiras eyes?

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll has got brown eyes, but in the video for "waka waka" she has blue contacts.

What is Shakiras top song?

Her top song would just have to be Waka Waka. It's in the top charts and everything. The song just makes you wanna dance and sing. The video clip is good as well!

Who is the ebony girl with long hair which dances on left next to the Shakira in waka waka video in time 1 min 08 sec?

There are no credit lines for the dancers in the video. And they are not mentioned in the description with the other people who preformed in the music video.

Is Liam hemswoth in shakiras filmclip for waka waka?

No, its all people from the world cup/euro, I don t think he plays soccer ^^

How do you download waka waka video?

Download ares or others and then download the song ( waka waka ) the video

What is name of Shakiras newest song?

Waka Waka (Esto es África / This Time for Africa) she´ll sing it in the fifa south Africa world cup (2010)!

What color are Shakiras eyes?

Shakira's hair is naturally dark seen in the related link

Who kicks the penalty to open the Waka Waka music video?

Fabio Grosso

Who are the dancers in We Break The Dawn video?

Who are the dancers in Michelle William's We Break the Dawn video?

Who is the guy in Shakiras video did it again?

ask thaaa interneet.

Who are the dancers in the metro station video shake it?

okay so in a video on youtube they said that the dancers in their video shake it are just people that dance in front of the American Idol building and they asked them if they wanted to be in a music video. Check it out at dancers in shake it music video.

Was waka flocka in Mr fete the video?