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Q: Who were the characters in the book baseball great?
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What were the characters name from Oliver Twist called?

dodger. great book!!

Who is lonely in The Great Gatsby and why are there any characters not alienated from others?

The Great Gatsby is a stupid book

Is the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong a good trilogy and book?

It's a GREAT book! Fun characters and a little scary.

In which book are the characters Pip and magwich and miss havisham?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Are the characters of the book the 6th grade nickname game are life like?

they are certainly not, its a fiction book I've read it. its a great book due to its circumstances.

Who were the major characters of the book The Great Fire by Jim Murphy?

Claire, white, and Alexander feer

What is a good book character for book day?

There are many great book characters to use for book day including Belle. You could also use Jane Eyre or Aladdin.

Who are the main characters in Baseball In April?

The main characters in Baseball In April are typically a group of young boys and girls who love playing baseball in their neighborhood. Some of the common characters that appear throughout the short stories in the book include Rudy, Jesse, José, to name a few.

Who are the characters in the book This Totally Bites?

The main Characters are Emma-Rose, her friend Gabby, Her Great-Aunt Margo. Henry is the boy that Emma-Rose has a crush on.

What are the main characters in the book rules?

The main characters are:CathrineDavidMomJasonthere are more characters in this book not listed

Who are the main characters from the book eggs?

Who are the main characters in the book eggs

Who were the great grandparents of Israel the king?

The great grandparents of King David were Boaz and Ruth. These are the same Boaz and Ruth that are the main characters in the Book of Ruth.