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Q: Who were the braves?
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When did the Milwaukee braves change to the Atlanta braves?

The Milwauke Braves moved and became the Atlanta Braves in 1966

Where did the Boston Braves play?

The Boston Braves played at Braves Field.

What were the cities the braves have won in the World Series?

The Braves franchise won a World Series title as the Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, and Atlanta Braves.

Who is better braves or nationals?


How many worldseries braves win?

Three. They won as the Atlanta Braves in 1995, the Milwaukee Braves in 1957, and the Boston Braves in 1914.

Where did the Boston Braves play in 1948?

In 1948, the Boston Braves played at Braves field.

Is there a number 13 on the braves?

Yes, Nate McLouth of the Braves currently wears No. 13 for the Braves.

How old are the Atlanta Braves?

The ATLANTA Braves go back to 1966. However, before they were the Atlanta Braves, they were the Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965). And before then, they were the Boston Braves, which dates back to 1871!

Have the braves won any world series?

They've won three. 1914 as the Boston Braves, 1957 as the Milwaukee Braves, and 1995 as the Atlanta Braves.

What is the Braves record?

What was the braves record on may 19,1991

What was their name before the Milwaukee braves?

Boston Braves

What does the name braves mean?

what does the braves name mean

What is the Atlanta Braves single A team?

The Atlanta Braves' Single A team is the Rome Braves in Rome, GA

What team has won the World Series 3 different times in 3 different cities?

the atlanta braves.. Boston braves, Milwaukee braves and atlanta braves

What are the names of the Atlanta Braves farm league teams?

The Braves have six farm teams: 1) Richmond Braves of the International League2) Mississippi Braves of the Southern League3) Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Carolina League4) Rome Braves of the South Atlantic League5) Danville Braves of the Appalachian League6) GCL Braves of the Gulf Coast League

What year did the Boston braves form?

in 1871 the Braves were established

What is the name of the braves stadium?

The braves play at turner field.

When was Indianapolis Braves created?

Indianapolis Braves was created in 2007.

When was Utica Braves created?

Utica Braves was created in 1939.

When was Waycross Braves created?

Waycross Braves was created in 1983.

When was Danville Braves created?

Danville Braves was created in 1993.

When did Syracuse Braves end?

Syracuse Braves ended in 1937.

When was Syracuse Braves created?

Syracuse Braves was created in 1936.

When was Richmond Braves created?

Richmond Braves was created in 1966.

When did Richmond Braves end?

Richmond Braves ended in 2008.