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Major Harris, Jeff Hostetler, Rich Ingold, Ken Karcher, Jim Kelly, Matt Knizer, Bernie Kosar, Dan Marino, Rick Strom, Steve Tanyhill, Mark Vlasic, Scott Zolac, Mike Cawley, Darnell Dinkins, Paul Failla, Gus Frerott, Scott Milanovich, Alex Van Pelt, Mike Weaver, Tony Zimmerman, Charley Batch, Steve Breaston, Marc Bulger, Adam Dimichelle, Anthony Doria, Joe Freedy, Luke Getsy, Bruce Gradkowski, Cecil Howard, Tim Levcik, Rasheed Marshal, Kevin Mccabe, Mike Mcmahon, Anthony Morelli, Jeff Mroz, Troy Nunes, Tyler Palko, Terrell Pryor, Rod Rutherford, Chad Salisbury, Matt Schaub, Tino Sunseri

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Q: Who were the University of Pittsburgh quarterbacks since 1980?
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