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Chuck Muncie James brooks

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Q: Who were the San Diego Chargers running backs in the 1980s?
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Are there any white running backs?

Jacob Hester - San Diego Chargers Peyton Hillis - Denver Broncos Both are backups

Who are the chargers running backs?

Ladanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles

Who is the best running back fo all time?

There are so many GREAT running backs. I personally think Ladanian Tomlinson is good. Adrian Peterson is the new upcoming RB...he had a 290 something total rushing yards in a game vs San Diego Chargers.

Are chargers keeping Lt?

So far yes they have one of the best multi running backs in the league with Jacob Hestor, Damion Sproles, and Ladanian Tomlinsion

Who wold win chargers or giants?

It's a close competition, they both have really good qbs, good running backs but one thing the Chargers have over them is receivers the giants got screwed over by the plaxico thing. But defensive they are pretty even. So I say the Chargers have a better chance of winning.

What is LaDainian Tomlinson's middle name?

LaDainian Tomlinson was one of the great running backs in NFL history, playing 10 seasons with the Chargers and Jets. His middle name is Tramayne.

What college has had the most running backs in the nfl?

which college has put the most running backs in the nfl

What the running backs do?

run the ball

Who runs the football?

Running backs

How many NFL running backs ran for 10000 yards?

23 running backs have achieved 10,000 + yards in the NFL.

What movie was made about the two running backs in 1971?

If you are thinkink about the movie where one of the running backs has Cancer, then the answer is Brian's Song

Are there running backs in arena football?


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