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Neil O' Donnell, Kordell Stewart, Tommy Maddox, and Ben Roethlisberger. (listed in chronological order).

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Q: Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks from 1995 until 2008?
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Who were the players on the 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers team?

Click on the '1995 Pittsburgh Steelers Roster' link below to see the roster along with stats and games played for the 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers MVP for the 1995 season?

The Steelers MVP for the 1995 season was Neil O'Donnell.

Who wore number 86 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, Damon Mays wore the #86 for the Steelers.

Who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

Bill Cowher

Who was the leading rusher for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, Erric Pegram was the Steelers leading rusher with 813 yards.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers kicker in 1997?

Norm Johnson was the Steelers kicker from 1995 to 1998.

Who were the black quarterbacks for the Pittsburgh Steelers after 2000?

Kordell Stewart (1995-2002)Charlie Batch (2002-present)Byron Leftwich (2008, 2010)Dennis Dixon (2008-present)

How years was Kevin Greene with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Kevin Greene played from 1993-1995 with the Steelers.

Who wore number 90 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995?

In 1995, defensive lineman Bill Johnson wore the number 90 for the Steelers.

How many playoff games have the Pittsburgh Steelers won since 1995?

Since 1995, the Steelers have won 14 playoff games.

Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers when they lost Super Bowl XXX?

The 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in the 1996 Super Bowl was Neil O'Donnell.

Who was The Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback in 1996 Super Bowl?

It was the 1995 season. The Steelers lost Super Bowl XXX to the Dallas Cowboys on January 28th, 1996. The final score was 27-17. The quarterbacks were Neil O'Donnell and Troy Aikman (Cowboys).

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