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That occurred on August 4, 1983 when Winfield and the Yankees were playing the Blue Jays in Toronto. He threw a Baseball that he had been using with the other outfielders to warmup between innings to the batboy and it hit a seagull and killed it. Incredibly, after the game Winfield was charged with cruelty to animals ... those charges were dropped the next day.

The Yankees starting lineup on August 4, 1983 ...

1B - Don Mattingly

2B - Larry Milbourne

3B - Graig Nettles

SS - Andre Robertson

LF - Don Baylor

CF - Dave Winfield

RF - Steve Kemp

C - Butch Wynegar

P - Shane Rawley

DH - Oscar Gamble

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Q: Who were the New York Yankees that played when Dave Winfield accidentally killed a seagull?
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Did Dave winfield throw a baseball and kill a sea gull in mid flight?

Dave Winfield Seagull incidentIn 1983 New York Yankees Dave Winfield, while playing in Toronto, threw a baseball to the bat-boy after warning up between innings, and accidentally killed a seagull. Winfield was arrested after the game, and charged with cruelty to animals. The charges were dropped the next day.

What New York Yankee baseball player was arrested in the visitors club house in Toronto for killing a seagull by hitting it with a baseball?

On August 4, 1983, Dave Winfield accidentally killed a seagull in Toronto while throwing a ball while warming up in the outfield. Following the game, Winfield was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police and charged with cruelty to animals.He posted a $500 bond and was released. The charges were dropped the next day.

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