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The real "Killer B's" were Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and Sid Bream. Jay Bell also got some mention but not initially. Plus, I think to be included among the real "Killer B's," a player had to have spent more than one year with the Pirates.


Wally Backman was in there too. Obviously there was no formal listing but the team did use this in promotional materials for the 1990 season. That's why Backman should be listed but not Steve Buechele.

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Sid Bream was not a Killer B in Pittsburgh. He played for the Braves at the time.

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In 1990 there was Barry Bonds, Jay Bell, Bobby Bonilla, Wally Backman, and Sid Bream as well as a pitcher named Stan Belinda. Not hard to see where the "Killer Bees" moniker came from.

In 1991 Backman and Bream were gone by way of Free Agency.

In 1992, Folks might be surprised to know that Bonilla had left also (to the Cubs in free agency I believe); leaving only Bonds and Bell and the Pitcher Belinda. Bream, then with the Braves, scored the winning run in the Championship Series to keep the Pirates from going to the World Series. That was the end of "those" winning Pirates and, due to the Pirates decision not to pay to retain superior free agents, it was their last winning season.

By 1993 only Jay Bell remained and that was the first of their 17 consecutive (and still counting) losing seasons -- the longest losing streak in American professional sports.

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Q: Who were the Killer B's from the Pittsburgh Pirates of the early 1990's?
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