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Q: Who were the 1990 natal rugby teams medical team?
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Is Romania good at rugby?

After 1990 Romania has only a modest rugby team.

When did Soviet Cup - rugby - end?

Soviet Cup - rugby - ended in 1990.

Who was the only natal replacement in 1990 currie cup final?

John Plumtree

When did Noel Morgan - rugby league - die?

Noel Morgan - rugby league - died in 1990-02.

Who were the centre pairing for the Natal Sharks in the early 1990's?

Jeremy Thompson and pieter muller

When did John Arkwright - rugby league - die?

John Arkwright - rugby league - died on 1990-01-20.

When was All-Ireland League - rugby union - created?

All-Ireland League - rugby union - was created in 1990.

When was Steffan Jones - rugby player - born?

Steffan Jones - rugby player - was born on 1990-11-22.

When was Jack Bradbury - rugby league - born?

Jack Bradbury - rugby league - was born on 1990-11-04.

When was Brian Hayes - rugby union - born?

Brian Hayes - rugby union - was born on 1990-09-25.

When was Andrew Dixon - rugby league - born?

Andrew Dixon - rugby league - was born on 1990-02-28.

When was Tommaso Benvenuti - rugby union - born?

Tommaso Benvenuti - rugby union - was born on 1990-12-12.