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Who is the highest paid player in the nba during the 2007 season?

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Q: Who were the 10 highest paid NBA players during the 2006-2007 season?
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Which premiership team used the most players in 20062007 season?


What players are the highest paid in the NFL for the 2007 season?

Leonard Davis

Where is a list of the highest scoring nfl players by season?

Click on the 'NFL Scoring Leaders by Season' and 'NFL Touchdown Leaders by Season' links below to see the players that led the NFL in scoring and touchdowns in each NFL season.

How many players are in the dodgers team?

25 players are active during the season.

How are NBA Players paid during the playoffs?

NBA Players don't get paid in the Postseason, they only get paid during the regular season.

Why wasn't the Stanley Cup not awarded after the 1918 season?

The players were on strike during the season.

YearHow much money do nhl players make a season?

As of the 08/09 season the minimum is $495,000USD per season. The highest paid is $10 million.

What NHL Team had the highest percentage of Canadian players in the 2008-2009 season?

Edmonton Oilers

What percentage of NBA players are black?

During the 2008-09 season, almost 82% of NBA players were black, the highest percentage in 15 years. For more info, see related links below...

Do nfl players get paid during the off season?


Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2010?

Here is a list for the top 15 highest paid NFL players for the 2010 season, with Peyton Manning on top.

How many players are there in the Philadelphia Eagles?

All NFL teams have 53 players during the regular season.

How many active players on a mlb roster game?

usually 25-26 but there are more players on a roster during the end of the season and during the playoffs.

How many spots on a college football roster?

There is no limit to the amount of players that can be on a college football roster during the regular season. However, during the off-season the NCAA regulates that a total of 105 players are allowed on the roster.

Where do nfl players live during the season?

They live in a house or apartment.

How many games the pats won in season 20062007?

In the 2006 season, the New England Patriots went 12-4. The Patriots went 2-1 in post season play. In the 2007 season, the New England Patriots went 16-0. The Pats went 2-1 in post season play.

What is the maximum number of players permitted on a Major League Baseball team during the regular season?

From September 1 to the end of the season, teams can carry up to 40 players.

How much time off do major league baseball players get?

Spring training for MLB begins in the middle of February and the regular season ends in the beginning of October so time off comes during the fall and winter months. Some players will play winter ball during the off time and some players won't. All players will keep a training regiment to stay in shape during the off season. During the season, the contract the players have with management states they can play as many as twenty days in a row without a day off. The regular season lasts around 6 months, 180 days, and the regular season is 162 games long. So one can guess that an MLB player gets about 3 days off per month during the regular season.

Do NBA players get paid during pre-season?

Sort of they get a season contract. 5 million for the season with that they are expected to stay in shape for the off season as well. So yes, sort of

How many football players in a football team?

There are 11 starting players on Offense and Defense. I think it varies how many players are actually on the roster. It also depends when in the season we are talking about. In preseason, there are more than during the actual season.

How often do MLB players take a drug test?

twice during the season.

Do nba players play the season during a lockout?

No because they are not getting paid

How many players are in the Seahawks?

During the season they are allowed to have 53 players on their roster. Players that are on the Practice squad or designated as Injured Reserve do not count against this limit.

How many Major League Baseball players are there?

During the regular season each of the 30 teams has 25 players. So the answer is 750.

Who has the highest single season average in the nba?

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest single season average throughout NBA history with 50. 4 points per game average. Kobe Bryant ranks highest among the active players with 35. 4 points per game average.