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who are famous runners of 2008

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Q: Who were some famous runners from the 1920's?
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What are some famous quotes about the 1920s?

A famous quote that was said in the 1920s was, ''Everything I know I learned after I was thirty.' This was said by Georges Clemenceau.

What are some famous dances from sc in the 1920s?

the shag

Who were some famous olympic boxers of the 1920s?


What are some famous cross country runners?

bob duncan

Who are some famous people born in the 1920s?

Jimmy Saville

Who are some famous authors of the 1920s?

Ronald walker is the best

What are some famous talkies of the 1920s?

Don Jaun was the first talkie

Who were some of the famous runners?

Jesse Owens, Cathy feeman, carl Lewis

What are some movies about the rich and famous during the 1920s?

Movies about the rich and famous during the 1920s include The Big Parade, The General, Sunrise, Sherlock Jr, and many others.

Who are some famous australians of the 1920s?

Jack skinner- 1928 Hazman Hussain-1923

Famous olympic runners?

Usain Bolt

Which of these was not a famous dance in the 1920s?