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The following Baseball Hall of Famers played at least 5 years during the 1920s:

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Walter Johnson, Frankie Frisch, Rogers Hornsby, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Jim Bottomley, Max Carey, Mickey Cochrane, Earle Combs, Kiki Cuyler, Johnny Evers, Jimmie Foxx, Charlie Gehringer, Goose Goslin, Lefty Grove, Chick Hafey, Jesse Haines, Harry Hooper, Waite Hoyt, Travis Jackson, Fred Lindstrom, Ted Lyons, Heinie Manush, Rube Marquard, Herb Pennock, Sam Rice, Eppa Rixey, Edd Roush, Red Ruffing, Ray Schakl, Joe Sewell, Al Simmons, George Sisler, Bill Terry, Pie Traynor, Dazzy Vance, Zach Wheat, Hack Wilson, Ross Youngs.

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Q: Who were major baseball players of the 1920's?
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