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The 1920s were a major part in the star of early American sports. Some famous athletes from that time include Babe Ruth, Red Grange, Bill Tilden, and Jack Dempsey.

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Q: Who were famous sports players in the 1920s?
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Babe Ruth, I believe

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Red Grange, Jim Thorpe, George Halas.

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well magic Johnson played for Michigan state if that helps

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What are some similarities between sports stars and pro sports in the 1920s and today?

Well, the sports are played the exact same but the players and there surroundings are very different. In the 1920s the players went the same places everyone else did and so it was common to see someone like Babe Ruth eating peacefully at a restaurant. But now a days, if you saw someone like Albert Pujols at a restaurant then everyone would be going crazy and fighting just to get to him. The players in the 1920s weren't as big headed either.

What happen in the 1920s?

the 1920s had good sports.

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who were the most famous gangsters from the 1920s?

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politicians, famous war generals, sports players, etc..

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What were the popluar sports of the 1920s?


Sports in the 1920s?

Some sports that were played in the 1920s include golf, football, baseball, and boxing. Other sports were hockey, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

Who are the tennis players from the 1920s?


What are dissimilarities between the sports today vs sports in the 1920s?


How did sports influence people in the 1920s?

Sports in the 1920s influenced the people by allowing women to participate in many of the major sports games. This active movement in sports allowed women to be celebrated as heroes.