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Riggs Stephenson(1932), Babe Herman(1933-34), Chuck Klein(1935-36), Ethan Allen(1936), Billy Herman (1937-41), Charlie Gilbert (1941-42), Wimpy Quinn (1941), Hal Jeffcoat (1949-53), Smoky Burgess (1949), Ralph Kiner (1953-54), Ted Tappe (1955), John Goryl (1957-59), Billy Williams (1959), Charlie Root (c) (1960), Vedie Himsl (c) (1960), Verlon Walker (c) (1966-1970), Hank Aguirre (c)(1972-73), Vic Harris (1974-75), Harry Dunlop (c) (1976), Randy Hundley (c) (1977), Mike Roarke (c)(1978-80), Jack Hiatt (c) (1981), Lee Elia (m)(1982-83), Charlie Fox (m)(1983), Don Zimmer(c and m) (1984-86, 1988-91), Gene Michael (m) (1986-87), Billy Conners (c)(1992-93), Glenallen Hill (1994), Brian Dorsett (1996), Jeff Blauser (1998-99), Jeff Pentland (c) (2000-2002), Doug Glanville (2003), Jason Dubois (2004-2005), Ben Grieve (2005), Freddie Bynum (2006), Rob Bowen (2007), Scott Moore (2007), Eric Patterson (2008), Joey Gathright (2009), Ryan Freel (2009), Pat Listach (c) (2011)

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Q: Who were all the Chicago Cubs players that wore number 4?
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Who were all the Chicago Cubs players that wore number 99?

George Lucas was the only one.

What famous baseball players wore 26?

billy Williams Hall of famer from the Chicago Cubs

Mark grace worn what number with the cubs?

Mark Grace wore the numbers 28, and 17 during his rookie season with the Chicago Cubs in 1988, and wore the number 17 the rest of his career.

What was the uniform number of Chicago Cubs player Don Young?

Young, an outfielder who played two seasons for the Chicago Cubs, wore No. 23 in 1965 and No. 29 in 1969.

Which players in Chicago Bears history wore number 6?

Jay Cutler

What famous cubs players wore 6?


What number did Jeff kunkel wear?

Jeff wore the number 20 in homage to his father who also wore that number for the '63 Yankees. Once he was traded to the Chicago Cubs, he was reassigned the number 11

Which players wore?

which player wore #85 for the chicago bears

What was Damian Miller's Chicago Cub jersey number?

Miller played with the Cubs in the 2003 season. He wore #27.

Who wore jersey 46?

lee smith pitcher for the Chicago cubs

Is CM Punk a White Sox or Cubs fan?

he wore a CUBS based attire when Raw was in Chicago so I'd have to venture to guess he's a Cubby fan. He is a hardcore Cubs fan

What Chicago Bears players wore 19 20?