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1) 2010-present: Brian Kelly

2) 2005-2009: Charlie Weis

3) 2004 - Kent Baer - Baer was head coach for 1 game, the 2004 Insight Bowl, after Tyrone Willingham was fired.

4) 2002-2004: Tyrone Willingham

5) 1997-2001: Bob Davie

6) 1986-1996: Lou Holtz

Kent Baer was an "interim" head coach. He was never officially hired as the head coach of the team.

However, George O'Leary was officially hired as the head coach in 2001, and held the position for five days before resigning amid allegations that he had lied on his résumé.

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Q: Who were Notre Dame's last 6 football head coaches?
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