Who were Michael Jordans parents?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Deloris Jordan, mother to basketball star Michael Jordan.Mrs. Jordan, a former breastfeeding mother and author of Family First: Winning the Parenting Game.

James Raymond Jordan, Sr. (July 31, 1936 - July 23, 1993) was the father of basketball superstar Michael Jordan and Army Command Sergeant Major James R. Jordan, Jr.. A life-long basketball fan, Jordan had played a large role in inspiring his son Michael to become an athlete. Jordan was a businessman and traveled the country to follow Michael's career, first at the University of North Carolina and then with the Chicago Bulls.[1][2] He was killed in a robbery near Lumberton, North Carolina. While returning from a funeral eight days before his 57th birthday, Jordan pulled into a rest stop on Interstate 95 to take a nap. Daniel Green (who later changed his name to Lord D.A.A.S. U'Allah)[3] and Larry Martin Demery shot Jordan while he slept in his car and then stole it. His body was found on August 3 in a swamp, but was not identified until August 5. Green and Demery made several calls from Jordan's cell phone and as a result were quickly captured. They had taken other items from the car including two NBA championship rings given to Jordan Sr. by his son. Demery was wearing a Michael Jordan T-shirt at the time of his arrest. Demery claims that they had planned only to tie up their victim and that Green pulled the trigger for no reason. Both were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for this and other violent crimes. James Jordan was buried at Rockfish AME Church in Teachey, North Carolina on August 15, 1993.

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James and Delores

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Q: Who were Michael Jordans parents?
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