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Q: Who were Arsenal F.C founded by?
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When did the arsenal club start?

Arsenal FC was founded in 1886.

When did arsenal first begin?

Arsenal FC was founded in 1886.

When was the football club Arsenal founded?

The Arsenal Football Club was originally founded in 1886. The Arsenal FC plays football (or American soccer) in the English Premier League, in Holloway, London.

Who has more trophies arsenal FC Chelsea FC?


When was Arsenal FC founded?

arsenal was founded in 1886 it was formed from a group of workers at a local factory that made guns hence the name arsenal even though arsenals first name was dial square then later know as woolwich arsenal than royal arsenal then finanaly arsenal

When was FC Arsenal-Tula created?

FC Arsenal-Tula was created in 1946.

Why is arsenal cal the gunners?

Because Arsenal FC started out as an Arsenal in Woolwich ( South East London) where they make weapons. This is why we are called the gunners and have a cannon as our symbol The club was founded by workers at a Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.

Who has won more trophies since 1992 Arsenal FC or Chelsea FC?

It is arsenal.

How many times has Arsenal played Barcelona?

As far I know, FC Barcelona and Arsenal have played 4 times. First time: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal Second time: Arsenal 2-2 FC Barcelona Third time: FC Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Fourth time: Arsenal 2-1 FC Barcelona

When was FC Arsenal Bila Tserkva created?

FC Arsenal Bila Tserkva was created in 2006.

When was FC Arsenal Kyiv created?

FC Arsenal Kyiv was created on 2001-12-18.

Is arsenal a city?

No because Arsenal fc is in holloway.

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