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Q: Who wears the number 47 on the red socks team?
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Why does team New Zealand yacht wears red socks?

i think it has something to do with a fundraising for a sailing boat .... No. They wear red socks to keep their feet warm. to remember Sir Peter Blake

Are the Boston Red Sox players required to wear red socks?

no but they usually do. They are not REQUIRED to wear Red Sox, however, per MLB rules, ALL uniforms on a team must match. THerefore, one player cannot wear blue socks while the rest of the team wears red, etc.

Why is the symbol for the Boston Red Sox baseball team a pair of socks?

The team is called Boston Red "Socks."

What colors do the french football team wear?

The French football team usually wears a blue T-shirt (with discreet white and red stripes), a white short and red socks. There are two alternative outfits used when the opposite team has similar colours (for instance Italy is dressed also in blue) : the first one is to be dressed all in white (t-shirt plus short and socks) or in rare instances with a red t-shirt, white short, red socks.

What team is Hank Aaron play on?

Red socks

When did red socks day begin?

Red Socks Day commemorates Sir Peter Blake, who was killed by pirates on December 5th, 2001. The red socks came about because when leading the winning 1995 America's Cup racing team, Sir Blake wore red socks. In fact, the only time his team ever lost was when he and his red socks were not on the boat. The first mentions of Red Socks Day appear to be in 2010.

How was jem's and scouts vsit to first purchase church?

george washington wears red socks

Are red socks a good team?

They're okay, but the best team is the Yankees.

Who wears red socks?

Many people enjoy wearing the color red. Some say redheads cannot wear red, but most recently at the SAG awards a famous redhead was touted for wearing red.

What baseball team plays in Boston?

The Boston Red Socks

How did the Boston Red Sox get their team name?

from the Indians the red socks oh and hi

What happened to the Boston Beaneaters baseball team?

Boston red socks