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Wide receiver Dez Bryant wears No. 88 for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: Who wears number 88 for the Dallas Cowboys?
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What is Dez Bryant's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Dez Bryant is number 88 on the Dallas Cowboys.

What number did Michael Irvin wear with the Dallas Cowboys?


What number will dez Bryant wear with Dallas?

He is currently wearing jersey number 88 with the Dallas Cowboys.

Who wears the number 33 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Currently, no Dallas Cowboys player wears the #33. I think it unlikely that any one would try to wear 33, as it belonged to Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett. While the Cowboys do not retire numbers, I don't think you will see a 12,8,33, or 74. 88 lingers on, however.

Who wore number 88 for Dallas Cowboys?

Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin and now Dez Bryant

Who has worn number 88 in football history?

The most famous was Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.

What former player wore jersey number 11 for the dallas cowboys?

Quarterback-punter Danny White wore No. 11 during his career with the Dallas Coiwboys (1976-88).

Who wore Dallas Cowboys jersey 88 for cowboys?

I don't know who is wearing it now, if anyone, but Michael Irvin wore it back in the Troy Aikman era. The Cowboys don't officially retire jersey numbers like many other teams do, but you're not going to see current players wearing numbers like #12 (Roger Staubach) or #74 (Bob Lilly), and probably not #88 either. Edit: Dez Bryant (OK State) now wears the #88 jersey for the Dallas Cowboys.

Did Dallas Cowboys have another receiver named Bryant who wore 88 during the bill parcells era?

Antonio Bryant, a wide receiver from Pittsburgh, wore No. 88 for the Dallas Cowboys from 2002 to 2003. He was drafted by the Cowboys in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft.

Who wears number 88 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders wears #88 for the Steelers.

Who from the Dallas Cowboys wore number 88?

Many players but most notably Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin. Now of course it is Dez Bryant.

Who wore number 88 with the Dallas Cowboys?

70's= Drew Pearson late 80's-2000= Michael Irvin 2010-present= Dez Bryant

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