Who wears number 10 shirt for Santos?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Who wears number 10 shirt for Santos?
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What is Roonys shirt number for England?

Rooney wears number 10.

What number is Francesco Totti?

At Roma, he wears the number 10 shirt.

Who wears the number 10 shirt for Nottingham Forest?


What shirt number does David Prutton wear for Swindon?

He wears No.10

Who wear shirt number 10 in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney of England Currently wears the #10 shirt for ManU as of 2013.

Who wears the number 10 shirt for West Ham United?

Jack Collison currently wears the number 10 kit at West Ham United.

Who wears number 10 shirt for Portugal?

João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho [b. September 8, 1986] wore number 10 shirt for the recent friendly [exhibition game] between the Portugal National Football Team and China PR National Football Team on March 3, 2010.

Who wears no 9 for Chelsea?

Joe Cole wears the number 10 shirt. Dan Marsh.

Who is Rangers' number 9?

Kris Boyd wears the no.9 shirt in 2009/10.

What shirt number does Wayne Rooney have on England?

Wayne Roney wears Jersey number 10 for both England and Manchester United.

Who wears shirt no 10 in Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Who is number 10 on Brazil soccer team?

kaka wears number 10 in this years world cup