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Q: Who wears jersey number 10 in Indian football team?
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Which Indian cricketer wears jersey number 10?

sachin tendulkar wears number 10 jersey.................... such a easy question

Which Indian cricket player wears jersey number 5 current team?

The Indian cricket player that wears jersey number 87 is Muhammad Naveed

What is the jersey number of football player ronaldo?

Ronaldo wears jersey number 9 at Real Madrid.

Martin O'Neil wears the number 31 on his training top in football why?

Because that was his jersey number when he played football.

Who wears number 27 in football?

Larry Johnson of the Chiefs has a number 27 jersey.

Who wears jersey number twelve at the University of Alabama football?


Who wears the number 11 jersey on the patriots football team?

Julian Edelman.

Who wears jersey number 12 in indian cricket team?

Yuvraj Singh.

Which Indian cricket player wears jersey number 3?

Harbhajan Singh

Who wears the number three jersey for nelsonville york varsity football?

Damien Young

Who wears 54 jersey on the Dallas Cowboys Football Team?

Linebacker Bruce Carter wears that number for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys.

Is there anyone in football that wears the number 55?

Junior Seau of the New England Patriots has number 55 on his jersey.