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Tom Cleverly wears Jersey number #23.

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roy carrol roy carrol

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Q: Who wears Manchester united number 13 jersey?
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Who wears the number 10 jersey for Manchester United currently?

Wayne Rooney

Who wears jersey number 20 in Manchester united fc?

Van Persie. (god)

Which number does Wyne Roney play in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney wears the number 10 jersey.

Who wears the number 18 jersey for Manchester United?

In the 2011-12 season, the number 18 jersey is worn by Ashley Young.

Who wears no 8 jersey for Manchester united?

yo muma

Which first team player currently wears the number 42 jersey at Manchester United?

French midfielder Paul Pogba currently wears the number 42 jersey. He joined Manchester United in 2009 from French side Le Havre. He was a product of the Le Havre youth system and went on to join the youth set up at Manchester United.

What shirt number does Wayne Rooney have on England?

Wayne Roney wears Jersey number 10 for both England and Manchester United.

Who wears 6 numbber jersey in manchester united?

Johnny Evans

Which Manchester United player has worn jersey number 42?

Currently John O'Shea wears the number 22 shirt.

Who wears Manchester United numvber 24 jersey?

For the 12-13 season it is Darren Fletcher

Who wears is number seven in Manchester united?

Michael Owen

Who wears the number 99 for Manchester united?

Reuben Barreto